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12 rules for life – an antidote to chaos by jordan peterson

Harry Mount

From the man who ‘eviscerated’ the Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman live on air. This book is an antidote to modern 'self-help books' and the school of psychology that recommends positive illusions as the cure for mental health problems. Peterson backs the ‘pull yourself together’ approach – get tough or die, apparently.

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AMSTERDAM direct by train from London

James Pembroke

The direct train from London to Amsterdam is now open. It takes just 3 hours 41 minutes and no changes.    

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Television: hold the sunset

Roger Lewis

Hold the sunset is achingly dire, criminally predictable and John Cleese's return to our screens is totally disheartening. 

USA: Texas: oldies in texas? visit between october and may

John Gammage

After I spent the first fifty years of my life in the UK, I moved with my (American) wife to Texas – eighteen years ago. Are there any other oldies ‘Deep in the Heart'? If you’re not here already, we'd recommend that you plan a trip to the Lone Star State between October and May.

technology-based crime dramas

Roger Lewis

McMafia, sadly not about highland Mafiosi, was massively over-reliant on technology. From robbing heroin bundles in Bombay to stealing an entire ship by remote control, it’s all a bit much. Not to mention that it doesn’t give James Norton, the protagonist, much to do, bar look at his phone with varying degrees of worry on his face.

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