It is rare, very rare, to find yourself at my age praising anything ‘digital’. But this elegant site is life-enhancing! Jane Howard-Smith

Congrats to The Oldie. ‘Buy it before you snuff it’ can now be applied to this website, ‘Join it before you snuff it!’ Richard Reed

With The Oldie, you know you’re in good hands. Greydar is no different – praise is richly deserved. Jeremy Baker

Exceptionally well crafted and most importantly, EASY to use. John Riley-Smith

I ended up on a 'beekeeping for beginners workshop’ – what’s turned out to be my new hobby. At 74, I still have plenty of ambitions…thank you Greydar for helping me realise this. Phil Procter

‘My husband is obsessed with all things ‘Victoriana’. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the 'tip' for St Benedict – I’ve booked ‘Nanny Hawkins’ for our wedding anniversary! Robert Ash

‘Timely, erudite and absorbing’ is how I’d describe the member tips pages. Catriona Brown

The same magic the Oldie sprinkled on the Literary Lunch scene, they have applied to the 'digital landscape'. Thank you Greydar! Linda Illingworth

Has Mark Zuckerberg been moonlighting at The Oldie? Mark Poltimore

Greydar? It’s The Oldie meets Mark Zuckerberg. Wanda Elias

One hell of a website. Claudia Herne