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Harry Mount, the Editor of The Oldie, says:

"Editing The Oldie is the best job on Fleet Street. No other magazine has the same originality and variety. Every piece is interesting or funny: the only criteria laid down by The Oldie’s founding father, Richard Ingrams, and his successor, the late Alexander Chancellor. There is no whiff of a political agenda - just - pages of wit and eclecticism every four weeks, along with the very best cartoons in the country. I look forward to welcoming you to the club of our loyal and growing readership." Harry Mount, Editor

We at The Oldie magazine have started Greydar in a bid to combat what our former editor Alexander Chancellor dubbed the cultural isolation sensed by oldies. So, we thought we would give you a secure place where you can meet each other, share tips and buy and sell anything you like. It is completely free.

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