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North seeks female companion.

Hi. I am a retired, reasonably intelligent, presentable man, fit as a butcher's dog ( or two creaks and groans!!) who enjoys all the good things in life.   I live in North Devon and love to travel.  I miss having a woman companion to share days and evenings out, holidays and weekends, love and laughter, fun and frolics laced with loads of tlc.   Are you out there waiting to be found?<...

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Attractive lady, young 70, would like to meet an unattached,  well mannered and smart gentleman to enjoy outings, meals and holidays with. I enjoy going to live gigs and theatre, reading, sightseeing and travelling, mainly in Europe. Interested in many subjects including housing issues, finances, and spending time oudoors, although I am not able to be very active -  I like travelling by ...

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Well travelled lady just returned from working 10 years in the Middle East would like to meet up with someone who enjoys the finer things in life. I enjoy music (just not country), travel, art, theatre, movies and ideally someone who has similar interests to share. I am 65 but I think age is just a number, as is location, having travelled as much as I have distance is not important. I believe I...

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Aktive , traveled Lady seeking male.

Hi, I`m a resently retired lady. I love to travel, have an active life with friends and family. I resides in Norway, but travels frequently back to England. My intrestes are going to the theatre, cinema and long walks. Love to cook, trying different wines and dining experiences. I`m  seeking companionships/dating, loves to travel, trying new things and wants to experience it together with me. Click here for more information


Would like to meet like minded people,well read and well travelled! Into history,mystery,literature,art,music and the quirky/unexplained.

MUST have good sense of humour.

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Widow (sixties). Cheltenham. Seeks gentleman for companionship. Well educated, attractive, young looking, slim, young minded. Likes eating out, theatre, country walks, classical and mellow music. 

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Attractive intelligent lady would like to meet attractive intelligent male, aged 65- 70. Evenings out to theatre, cinema, dining.

Country and seaside walks, weather permitting.

Romance optional.

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Intelligent, vivacious, kind seeks similar...

Well, where to start?  I am 52, I come with all the life experience and wisdom that being 52 brings all wrapped up in a well preserved body (Thanks mum) 

I've had an interesting life, no idea who's it is though, it certainly isn't the one I ordered but hey, everything happens for a reason..

So, here I am, looking for a man, one that I can love with all my heart, who will do the same...

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Brighton: Do you need a dose of love & romance

Brighton & Hove-based Love Doctor Monti offers services to suit singletons.

You may ultimately wish to find love and romance, and be using the Love Doctor as a way to get a boyfriend or meet ladies, or simply boost your confidence. can help. meaning sometimes you find people you click with, sometimes you don’t, sometimes you make new friends and sometimes you fin...

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Kent: Wagner enthusiast seeks similar

I should like to correspond/meet up with a lady or gentleman who has an interest in the life/operas /music/family saga of the composer Richard Wagner. I live in Kent, so someone living in that county would be fine.I do go up to London to see his operas when I can. This is a life long interest of mine, but unfortunately none of my friends know what I'm talking about when I start spouting ...

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Lively attractive female would..........

Hello Greydar readers, l would like to meet a man/nice one, aged about 70ish, living in London, preferably the South East for doing stuff that we both like together.  I am an attractive, and lively person, quite independent, but likes having a mate (maybe soul) to trot about with.  I do the usual retired things, including Bridge (not too good at this though).  Likes theatres, opera, all the int...

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someone to share my life with

I'm 69 and looking for someone to share life with.  I'm adaptable and will join in with your activities, provided I can keep my feet on the ground.  I play various musical instruments and enjoy English country dancing.  Having a partner to share this with would be a bonus.  I also like the theatre, art exhibitions, visiting National Trust properties and writing.

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London/South: Exploration, Sevenoaks

The ultimate longshot. Bright intelligent articulate professional educated conversationalist seeks his identical counterpart. I am 6’3, well built (meaning yes I go to the gym four times a week but yet time marches on so I do carry the battle scars...), brown hair, blue eyes. 

Wicked sense of humour, laid back and relaxed in outlook. An optimist. In a celibate relationship that trucks alo...

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