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Edinburgh: Dine at The Look Out (by Gardener’s Cottage), Calton Hill

Genevieve Delacroix

Opening Soon! Brought to Edinburgh by Gardener’s Cottage in partnership with Collective, an organization redeveloping the City Observatory into a new home for art. It’s built on a cantilever so the restaurant is suspended over Calton Hill’s northwest slope and will make for mega-watt views.

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Norfolk: Go Alpaca Trekking in Well-next-the-Sea

Thea Dale

Head to Norfolk, then go Alpaca Trekking. An alternative way of traipsing the bridleways and coastal paths at Well-next-the-Sea and Stiffkey. You are not riding the Alpaca, just leading it around! Picnics are encouraged, so are sliced apples as a post-trek Alpaca treat.

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Derby Folk Festival, held annually in early October

Hamish Charlton

Come along to the 12th Derby Folk Festival that is held annually in October. With venues all across the city, the Cathedral to the City Marquee, it is a full-on Folk Takeover. Late Night Ceilidh Bop in the ballroom of the Old Bell Hotel then potter round the Craft Fair in the Market Place.

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Derbyshire: Go cycling along a stretch of former railway in the Peak District

Jonathan Finchley

Do the Tissington Trail, a fantastically rural, and pretty manageable 13-mile stretch of former railway from Ashbourne to the picture-perfect spa town of Buxton. Top and tail the trip with a stay at the Cow at Darlbury Lees the night before, then at the Old Hall the following eve, post-cycle.

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Visit the University Arms, Cambridge

Mary Canon-Belle

A quintessentially British hotel that was first opened in 1834. It has very recently been revamped (only re-opening in August 2018, after a four-year closure) by swanky architect John Simpson. Each ‘suite’ comes with a private library, curated by Heywood Hill, a rather smart bookshop in Mayfair.

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Edinburgh: Dine at 'Gardener’s Cottage', Calton Hill

Edith Warren

A stone cottage, built in 1836, sat at the foot of Calton Hill on Edinburgh’s Royal Terrace Gardens, that was originally home to the gardener. The cottage has now been transformed into a restaurant dedicated to seasonal cooking that sounds a bit too good to be true – it’s very happily, not.

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Travel on the Brighton Belle

Sally Longville

The Brighton Belle, once the most famous electric train in the world is back on track after going out of service in 1972. 'The Bringing Back The Belle' project has successfully restored the train, whose Art Deco carriages were each designed by a different British design house.

Light up your bike with 'Velo Halo'

Coralie Purves

Hikari Bike have invented a superb solution to the problem that no matter how vibrantly your front and back bike lights beam at night, you remain invisible when approached you side-on. The ultra-bright, waterproof and USB-rechargeable LED cable is woven through the spokes to lend an almighty beam.

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McVitie’s biscuit tins

Lara Akeroyd

Patron saint of office afternoon snacks McVitie's have had a rummage through their packaging greatest hits archive and come up for air clutching the 1980s wrapping for Digestives, Penguins and Ginger Nuts. They now adorn a brand new range of airtight vesels to keep your cookies crunchy.

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Buy a 'Bee Hotel' from Green and Blue

Margot Petherick

Buy a very cool-looking Bee Hotel and provide deluxe accommodation free of charge for a harmless solitary bee. Purpose-perforated to provide a place for bees to digest, hibernate and make bee-lings. It's just £18.75 for a small, cast concrete hotel.
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A rather stylish Retro Slow Cooker

Lysander Tyler-Green

British brand Swan, has extended its successful Retro range to include a fairly fancy slow cooker. Whats great is that the cooker has a removable ceramic pot, which be taken straight to the table for doling out to empty and expectant dishes. Comes in retro shades, Campari Orange to Duck Egg Blue.

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'All The Poems Contained Within Will Mean Everything to Everyone', a short story, by Joe Dunthorne

Annabel Sampson

Published by Rough Trade Books this is a fairly ironic – and very funny – short story. It's the story of one man's dream to edit a groundbreaking poetry anthology, of how that dream was actually a lot of work, what with reading many bad poems & also competent ones and handwriting rejection letters.

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Bristol: The Letter Press Collective

Rich Davey

The Letter Press Collective bring slumbering presses back to life to engage with artists, writers and community projects, teaching both type composition and printing skills. Here's the chance to learn from the last of the printers and compositors in the city so that a new generation can learn.
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Try 'Dash' Water

Lucy Blanchette

An effervescent new brand! The product is tins of British water flavoured with fresh produce turned away by grocers for being wonky, too big, or ‘blemished’. The water’s from a spring in Staffordshire, the cucumbers come from a farm in Essex and the lemons are a Sicily grower’s surplus.
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Knives made by 'Full Windsor'

Alfred Watchley

‘Full Windsor’ is Mark Windsor’s outdoors & cycle kit company. He now designs, prototypes and manufactures solutions to practical head-scratchers. ‘The Muncher’ is a 10-function tool, a bit like a Swiss Army knife. As well as a spoon, fork and knife, it can screwdrive, peel, cord-cut and fire-start.

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A Fish Carafe by Flying Tier

Harold Llwelyn

A fish-shaped flagon! This coddy carafe, designed by cheap-and-cheerful Danish retailer Flying Tiger, doesn't offer the same acoustic fun as a glug-glug jug, but what it lacks in sound it makesu p for in portability. Thanks to the cork-stopper, you can take it on picnics. Buy in pistachio or pink.

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Try a Yorkshire Burrito at Rupert Street Market, Soho

Hamish Charlton

What happens, when a great British county (Yorkshire), puts it’s own spin on the tortilla-wrapped tex-mex masterpiece? A Yorkshire pudding burrito! A fluffy Yorkshire pud wraps the traditional Sunday roast filling, served up with a ‘mega pot’ of dipping gravy, made with the meat’s cooking juices.
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31 Chapel Lane Ready-To-Wear Textiles

Ruby Scott

A rather chic textile brand founded by married couple Damien (a trained architect) and Joi (who has worked in law, health and social enterprise).  From a converted Georgian building in Limerick, they design and make modern clothes and tea towels from fabrics woven on Ireland’s surviving looms.
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Fridja Clothes Steamer

Ferdie Rous

Signed, steamed … delivered! The Fridja Clothes steamer is the ultimate of Handheld Clothes Steamers. Creases instantly disappear, no massive ironing board or skills required. The ‘f10’ new travel steamer, which goes from cold to boiling in 45 seconds comes with a portable coathanger.
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By Ruby, healthy frozen dinners

Arthur Nottle

A box-fresh business purveying perhaps Britain’s healthiest hot dinners. By Ruby cooks, packs up and dispatches delicious and nutritious meals which you order online, have delivered to anywhere in the country and cook … from frozen.
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Tip: Fruit fly trap.

Trevor Littleboy

Put out a bowl of cheap red wine and add a few drops of dish soap. The flies are attracted to the fermented grape goodness and the dish soap makes it impossible for them to fly away. 

Tip: How to get rid of ants naturally

Edith Warren

Corn starch is a good way to kill off an ant colony without poison. Sprinkle the starch over the area frequented by the ants. They will then carry it off to the nest to eat and since they cannot digest it, the colony will eventually die. It takes some time but it's better for pets and children. 

Buy: The Ordinary Skincare

Lysander Tyler-Green

The Ordinary calls its products ‘clinical formulations with integrity’. It is basically skincare without the thrills (and mark-up) that comes with fancy packaging, making the products affordable. Order online, as the London stores are small and get quite busy.

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Online: Music Magpie

Harold Llwelyn

Music Magpie buys your old CDs, DVDs, and even books. Simply scan or type in the barcode and it gives you a price. You then box up your goods and organise a collection. Prices tend to vary from a penny to a few pounds so it's worth doing it if you are having a big clearout.

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Clean a wooden chopping board

Harold Llwelyn

Over time and frequent use, wooden chopping boards can look a bit the worse for wear and leave lingering smells from foods such as garlic and onions. To counteract this, clean your board with lemon and bicarbonate of soda; repeat if necessary.

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