How To Post an ad or tip

Please note: to publish any post in our Members Tips section is FREE but must be about a third party - not your own business!

Only Greydar members can publish a post. Please register or login or create a post

Follow these 5 easy steps to post an advert or tip.

  1. Click the “Create Post” button which is next to the “My Account” button on the top right of your screen.
  2. Select the section you would like your post to appear in, using the white arrows on the far right of the red bar.
  3. Fill in the rest of the fields that you require for your post.
  4. Finished? Click Save.
  5. You’ve now landed on your post’s page. Here you can see all your saved posts and publish them by clicking on the ‘Publish” button at the right.

NB: Ads with images get a much better response than those without, so pop in a piccie or two to optimise results. You can upload a jpeg from a website or your phone with ease.

Once you have clicked publish, your post will be put "in-review" and will be reviewed by us shortly. Your "My Posts" dashboard will update when the post has been published.

Length of advert

Only members can advertise. You are able to cancel your advert at any time, but we will assume you are happy for us to keep running it every month on the day of the month you booked it, unless you cancel the ad.

To cancel your advert

You may decide there is no longer any need to run your ad because, for example, you have sold the item you advertised. To cancel your advert click the red cancel button in the actions colum on your My Posts page inside My Account.