Information about The Marriage Bureau (Heather Jenner) pre 1960

I have an archive of material from The Marriage Bureau, established in 1939 by Mary Oliver and Heather Jenner. It is the basis of Marriages are Made in Bond Street – true stories from a 1940s marriage bureau, in which I tell the story of the Bureau’s first, extraordinary decade.  Clients of all ages, classes, nationalities, shapes and sizes came  - and went, often with a husband or wife.  Mary left but Heather  - “Mrs Marriage” - stayed for decades, always in the news, sometimes for non-Bureau reasons: she married Stephen Potter, and at 42 had a child who died while at Eton. 

More info

I should love to expand the archive with information from any clients or their descendants, interviewers, secretaries – anyone who knew this remarkable institution. Please email me: Penrose@halson.com

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