small plot forest or woodland in maidenhead

I am looking for small plot of woodland or forrest 2-3 acres higher ground with a bit of a view if possible, to use for recreation and meditation & healing. I wish to landscape into small quite area to just sit and enjoy peace...now retired, and sick of computers and TVs. I am willing to pay cash for any agreed offers. Must have access from track road of road so as to use vehicle within 10 to 15 miles in any direction from Maidenhead and High Wycombe. budget up to £25,000. Consider anything even if overgrown as won award some years ago transforming waste ground into beautiful garden area so know how to do this. 

Cash waiting for right seller. Please email me if you can help. 

Consider anything. If you are a land owner and have bit of waste ground that you don't want to take care off all over grown I might be your answer! 

Look forward to hearing for you :)

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