Devon: car share torquay to paington, mon-fri at 6.30am? Torquay

I am starting back at work after a serious motorbike on bicycle accident Nov last year. I used to cycle to work but obviously won’t be able to do that for some time, I now have a metal pin from knee to foot and will still be limping for a while yet. 

I simply need a lift to work every day, the busses to Paignton don’t run early enough and unfortunately, I don’t currently have a car. If there is anybody kind enough (I am happy to contribute to petrol of course) to offer me a lift every day, it would definitely restore my faith in human nature after a horrible event, and quite a lengthy, difficult recovery time. 

I will be going back to work in March, however I’m not entirely sure the exact date yet, so ideally it would suit someone who is fairly flexible and available from March onwards at 6.30am Mon-Fri..... (and possibly the occasional Saturday).

More info



See photo for route, distance and estimated time. Thanks for looking.

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